jeudi 21 février 2008

Quelques News

Quelques news en ce jeudi 21 février =]

Bêta 3 de Phun

A peine le jeu est sur le blog, que déjà une mise à jour fait son apparition!

La bêta 3 de Phun est donc téléchargeable dès aujourd'hui avec des mises à jour assez conséquentes :
* Added the ability to choose object color
* Added the ability to follow objects (right-click them to do so, and right-click background to stop).
* Optimized any scene containing water (more speed improvements to come though).
* Added a file command for removing all water from a scene
* Holding down shift while rotating now rotates in increments of 15°
* Prevented popups from coming to close to the bottom right corner of the screen.
* Set vsync off by default for better performance. Turn on again with System.vSync = true;
* Removed a couple of usages of OpenGL before I had a GL context (may have caused some start-up crashes).
* Fixed a bug where deleting things while moving them would cause the program to crash.
* Added circle LOD; if a circle is less than 10 pixels wide, it will be drawn in a simpler and faster way.
* No longer create the last hinge of a chain connected to the same body (like the world).
* Fixed a bug where you couldn't undo a clone
* Added a Phun program icon by Marty
* Renamed scene files from .cfg to .phn (your old files will be renamed automaticly at startup, and there is full backwards-compability by just renaming).
* Fixed so you know can tell Windows explorer so associate .phn files to Phun (you could before too, but now it works)
* Added an option for simple water rendering (good for FPS and for those having trouble with the other water render paths)
* Holding down ALT while clicking a chain let's you select individual joints.
* The ability to move objects to the front or the back (usefull when one object occludes another)
* Several minor fixes and tweaks.

Vous pouvez la télécharger en allant faire un tour sur l'article consacré au jeu

Un trailer pour Boom Blox

Un jeu prévu sur Wii, et dont Steven Spielberg s'occupe, rien que ça.
Le trailer est disponible sur le site officiel

Sortie prévue pour Mai 2008

Voilà, à bientôt =D

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